Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Holiday Spirit!

Scout is happy its Friday and that the Christmas Season is in full swing!

Kendall is super excited too!

They are excited because we have a tree! 

Carrying a tree around the streets of New York is pretty comical!  But I love the smell of the tree sellers on the streets - It is my favorite thing about NYC right now!

We are also excited because of the Christmasy things we have been doing - like going to the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center!

However - during the countdown to the lighting all we saw was a blank screen - thanks NBC -- due to the letdown there was alot of cursing and and everyone started rushing to get a look at the tree causing panic and an almost-mob-crush-panic scenario :/  But it was pretty :)

While all this is very cool - Guess what I am really excited about this week!

The NEW Weight Watchers Program!  Yay!  Its all revamped and do you know what the best part is

    FRUIT IS ZERO POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Since I've been doing the program - I lost weight at first but gained it back when i got bored of tracking and the food of NYC became too tempting!

But - I feel like this new program is what I have been needing - I seriously have eaten so much food the past few days and have been sticking to my points!  

So here are some of my creations and their PointsPlus values!

Cinnamon Crumpet topped with Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Mashed Banana - 3 pts!

Parmesan Eggs with Ketchup and Wilted Spinach - 5 pts!

I will leave you all with how a SoCal girl gets to her yoga class in 42 degree weather - 

You mean I can't wear flip flops in December in NYC?  Sigh......

Hope you all had a great week and a great start to the weekend!

Love, Allison 

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  1. Scout is WAY too happy!!! I've got to check out the new WW program! And we all know you can take the girl out of SoCal but you can't take the SoCal out of the girl! XOXO