Sunday, December 5, 2010

Visiting Verona

Well, it wasn't Verona Italy -- but Verona, New Jersey was quite nice!  We took the subway, train, and bus to visit Scout's brother!

Here is the first meeting - 

Scout's brother Bosco is like 3 times the size of Scout !!!  We definitely do not think she is a Mini-Pin mix with Chihuahua ..... now my sister thinks she may have some Manchester Terrier in her since her brother is huge!  

It was pretty overwhelming at the adoption event so they were both distracted - yet, I don't think that they remembered each other :(  He is like a larger liver-colored Scout!  Here are some pictures of the reunion - 

Bosco - Scout's brother!

See the size difference!

There was even a family Christmas portrait!

I love this picture of Scout -- she is totally a loner like her sister and aunt!  And I use that word in the best possible way - I actually like to spend time alone :)

When we got home from our LOOOOOONG journey - 4 hours roundtrip travel time!
 - we had our Christmas tree decorating party!

We decided to string popcorn this year - something we never did at home!  We made sure to put it on the tree high enough that little Scoutie couldn't reach it!

Here is the finished product - a little sparse - but we only had my ornaments - I definitely need to collect more!  

For the party we played Mariah's new Christmas CD and drank mulled wine and ate coconut date rolls from Trader Joe's.  The mulled wine was made with Trader Joe's mulling spices and some sugar - my sister and I love sweet wine!

Wine out of my Bordeaux mug = Heaven :)

Finally --- I am working on my first original baking recipe for the blog -- I am trying to copy a cookie that I love from our local vegan bakery -- here is a preview -- I think I may have come close!

Phew - I'm tired!  Time for Bed!

Love, Allison 

P.S. Staying in the points was HARD today with cookie baking -- I always want to eat the ingredients!  Also - went to Subway to get a veggie delight sub - however it doesn't come with avocado in NJ -- in fact they didn't have avocado AT ALL!!!  Where the heck am I?  Where are all the avocados.... therefore, my day food-wise was a little disappointing, but I hope to make up for it tomorrow!


  1. Scout's brother is sooooo cute! They are definitely related but he is a super-sized version of her! Haha! Love your tree! Will have to try the mulled wine myself! The oatmeal looks really good, and I HATE oatmeal!!! P.S. The avocados are in CALIFORNIA and they are delicious!!! Heehee....

  2. The dogs with Santa is too cute! And all the other holiday festivities sound fabulous too. I love this time of year. Although there are a lot of cookies around. LOL