Friday, June 24, 2011

New Amsterdam Market


I'm currently blogging in Starbucks with (what has become a weekly habit) a Lite Mocha Cocnut Frappucino, however this time I got it with soymilk to mix it up and couldn't taste it at all!  Score!

Unfortunately the "New Amsterdam Market" is not on Amsterdam - that would be really convenient --  yet bad for my wallet!

The market takes place at the South Street Seaport in Manhattan every Sunday during the Summer form 11am -4pm.  

When we arrived at the market I immediately noticed the Green Mountain Coffee tent set up giving free samples of their pod coffee for the Keurig coffeemaker.  I LOVE free food/drinks!

The market was a little hidden in all of the hustle and bustle of the weekend - but we eventually found it!  On the way we ran into Chris Paul!  Kendall could obviously play for the NBA if she wanted to :)

This was my kind of market, light on the fruits and veggies and heavy on the unique hand-crafted foods!

We of course got Kombucha Brooklyn on tap -- in the seasonal cherry flavor!  I love their Kombucha because it is sweet and not vinegary!

I also purchased some unique Finnish rye bread, raw cheddar cheese (Kinsman from Cellars at Jasper Hill), a cucumber, and gourmet bean burgers from Vermont Bean Crafters.  

I turned my ingredients into a yummy open faced sandwich for dinner -- this was copied from the samples that the rye bread man were handing out :)

I would definitely recommend a trip to the New Amsterdam Market for any foodie who lives or is travelling to the NYC area.  It was a wonderful afternoon -- next time I will make sure to get lunch from one of the stands!  

P.S. They also had Blue Bottle coffee from SF!  Which is one of my fav coffee places ever!  

Love, Allison 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Scoutie Strawberry

Scout is one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever met.....
She let Kendall and me join her for a picnic on the most beautiful Saturday in Central Park

We lunched, chatted, and played cards.  Just what I needed to recharge my batteries after a busy week of work!

Scout let me take pictures with her...

While she spent her time trying to dig up worms to eat....

Look at those dirty feet! 

It was so easy to make the filling from scratch using the amazing organic strawberries we have been buying from Trader Joe's.  These bars are made with whole wheat flour, chia seeds, and healthy fats...... tell yourself that when you keep trying to "make the line even".  I am in love :)  Make these now!

They were so good that when I came back to check on them, a large chunk was mysteriously missing from the pan..... Hmmm..... I wonder who would have done that?  cough, cough, Losh, cough  :)

I would blame Scout but she lacks the opposable thumbs to use a knife    :)

Love, Allison 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tacos 2 Ways


Tonight we had vegetarian and traditional tacos using my Mom's taco recipe and another based on Mama Pea's Roasted Chickpea Tacos - a vegan alternative to tacos that doesn't use fake meat (of which I am not a fan of)..

Originally I was going to make my Mom's tacos since I had half a pound of ground beef to use up.

See,  we love Mexican food !!!  Here we are taking a cooking class in Mexico :)
Mother Mercer's Taco Filling
Serves 4 with leftovers :)

1 lb Ground Meat (we usually use ground turkey but I had beef on hand)
1 packet Taco Seasoning (I like McCormick)
1 can of diced tomatoes

Brown your ground meat in a non-stick skillet, add seasoning, and diced tomatoes... Simmer until meat is cooked through and your desired consistency if reached.
This is a simple recipe but makes the best taco filling!

But then I saw a can of garbanzo beans in the cupboard and remembered that I had been wanting to make Mama Peas's tacos.  So - I made both.

Her recipe is here.  But instead of using all of the spices - I substituted the rest of the taco seasoning packet I had.  I was going to let my sister try them.... but then I read that the McCormick taco seasoning has milk in it!  How random!

So they are no longer vegan, but they still are delicious.  Plus they are definitely not vegan when you add cheese and sour cream to them... but at least they are vegetarian! :)  Here are the finished products!  Both were amazing of course - I really liked the roasted garbanzo beans -- this is the first time I have eaten them this way.

Toppings included sour cream, cheese, and avocado :)

We had roasted broccoli on the side - kind of random but we love roasted broccoli right now :)

Love, Allison

Friday, June 17, 2011

Rained Out


  I should have remembered more about foreshadowing from my high school English classes --

This morning on my way to work - a cab went speeding by me while I waited for the bus and splashed water all over me a la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City --

I should have taken that as a lesson and not headed out on a run with Milos and Scout when thunderstorms were in the forecast

We were caught in the worst downpour ever complete with lighting over our heads and thunder!  We were in Central Park and quickly took the nearest exit as to avoid being struck by lightning!  Poor Scoutie wasn't too happy!

Running with Scout is something new I have been trying this week.  I took her out earlier in the week and she did 1.7 miles without even panting!  She is a trooper!  And she loves to run, she was actually pulling me up the hills!

Our run was much more enjoyable in the sun :)   

I am currently blogging from Starbucks and enjoying my weekly Mocha Coconut Frappucino Light!  If you get the Light version a tall has ONLY 110 calories!!!!!!!  And it tastes like a million bucks!  I will shed a tear when they retire it at the end of the summer :(

I'll be back later with a dinner inspired by Mama Pea!

Love, Allison 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I (WANT) Need a Smartphone


Let me explain this title.....  I was at a museum today snapping some pics on my small basic phone....then i wanted to put them on my blog, so I had to :
1)  Text pics to Milos's iPhone 
2)  Save pics to iPhone
3)  Email pics from Milos's iPhone to my email account 
4)  Download pics from my email account to the computer 
5)  Upload pics from the computer to the blog

----- Am I missing something here?  Shouldn't this be easier?  I could get an iPhone but I refuse to pay that much for a data package :)  I choose to mooch off of my boyfriend!  Haha!

Well -- I went though all that hassle to bring you this amazing world-class sketch from none other than yours truly!  

This is probably the best drawing I have ever done -- I plan to brag about this for years to come, frame it, and hang it somewhere prominent :)

Today, Kendall and I started our Sunday morning the usual way -- with Peacefood Cafe -- only the most wonderful vegan cafe in the world!  We go so often that they know us there -- it is pretty cool -- it is our Monk's (for all you Seinfeld fans).  We then walked through the park to go to the Frick Museum

 -- an awesome former home of an art collector with all the art on the walls!  There were all my faves -- Vermeer, Manet, Monet, Renoir, Ingres..... 
 After we browsed the collection they were having a free sketch in the courtyard -- the museum provided the materials and you supplied the creativity.  Kendall and I spent some time sketching away -- this is one of the reasons I love NYC -- museums and spontaneous fun :)

You can see Kendall in the far left sketching -- our mother and her are REAL artists

Kendall and I concluded our perfect Sunday morning with a stop in G Free NYC ( a gluten free store near out apt) for Sample Sundays -- I tried some delicious gluten-free pizza and picked up some brown rice pasta.  I have been wanting to try it for a while, so I will let you guys know how it is :)  No, Kendall nor I are gluten-free but we like new foods and experimenting :)


Topping off the perfect Sunday was a run with the boyfriend to test out the new shoes ( I think they did well!!) and some NYC street food :)  

Please excuse the Diet Coke can in the background -- it was a moment of weakness.........
and with that, hope you have a great start to your week!

Love, Allison
Hey!  Happy Weekend To Everyone!!!

Saturday started nice and early with the exciting addition of my new stainless steel straw that I bought through Tina @ Carrots 'n Cake's Opensky Shop.  There was a flash sale on them so I snagged a deal!  I have been wanting a reusable straw but the glass one my sister owns does not work for me (ie: I broke it), so the stainless steel seemed like a better fit for my occasional clumsiness.  

Breakfast was PB, banana, and chia seeds on a Bagel Thin!!!!  Milos and I buy a double bag of Bagel Thins at Costco and still go through these in like 4 days -- yesterday Milos ate one with breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Hehe!  At least they are only 100 calories!

We had rain and hevy mist on Saturday, but I was still able to RUN THE FARTHEST I HAVE EVER RUN!  3 miles might not seem like a big deal, but for a girl who has never run in her life this was a huge accomplishment :)  Milos pushed me the last half a mile or I probably would have given up!  
To reward myself and my tired feet I bought real running shoes!  I had been running with really awful shoes that hurt my feet, so I went to a running store near my apartment and had my gait analyzed.  Its a really cool thing to do, they tape your feet when you run using a bunch of different shoes and see which works best.  With my luck, I ended up having the worst pronation when I run :(  So I had to pass on these cool flashy running shoes......


And choose between the two highest motion control shoes they sold -- I chose this grey number -- I might not get noticed in them but at least my feet will be happy and injury free :)

Since it was finally cool enough to bake in the apartment, I made a box of No Pudge Raspberry brownies that I had been saving from my trip to Wegman's.  They are deeelicious!!!!! 

I decided to fancy mine up with some whipped cream cheese and raspberry preserves.  But these were not just any preserves, they were NYC's Sarabeth's preserves in Raspberry Key Lime!  It was amazing and gone way to quickly.   

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Allison

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SEE'S the day


I have definitely been enjoying the warm weather in NYC!!!  However, don't ask me how I feel tomorrow, since its supposed to be 97 degrees!

One thing that made my week was this box!

If you can't read that -- it is See's Candy from CALIFORNIA!!  One of the lovely families I work with brought it to me after they visited CA.  They thought I would enjoy a piece of home here in NYC!!!  They were sure right!  There is now one bite out of each chocolate missing.... woops :)

Another thing that made my week was getting in a yoga class!  I am trying to go to at least one class a week.  I am going to the Yoga to the People studio -- only $5 a class for HOT Vinyasa (100 degrees in the room!)  I love this class soooooo much because its a great power/cardio workout and you get to sweat out a tons of toxins!  I am loving my new Camelback water bottle I won through Allie's blog!

Lastly, I am loving this Lightened Up Protein Power Goddess Bowl from Angela at Oh She Glows that was the perfect to replenish after yoga and the perfect was to off-set all of the See's Candy!  Woops :)  Check out her blog for the recipe!!!  It was healthful and tasty - the boyfriend even liked it!  I prepped all the ingredients before yoga which helped a ton!

But you know what started off this great week?  I got a ticket to the Healthy Living Summit in Philly!!!!  I will get to meet all my favorite bloggers in person and attend a bunch of cool seminars about making the best of your healthy living blog!  I can't wait!  

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Love, Allison