Friday, February 18, 2011

Blogging Again!

Hey -  

  I have been a very bad blogger lately - I have been more into reading blogs than writing my own.  But that's ok -- I want the whole blog thing to be fun -- and when I HAVE to do it, it will soon cease to be more of a chore than a creative outlet.

  The past few weeks have been fun and we have been able to explore the city more and more since the weather has been slowly improving.  Today, I got home from work and raced outside for a nice walk in the 66 degree weather! with a wonderful iced coffee from Zabar's :)  I felt like myself again and remembered why I moved to New York - walking in the city is so much fun!

  Here are just a few of my eats from the past week -- my point and shoot camera I got for my undergrad graduation from UCI is slowly dying - so I have been reluctant to use it.  But I am going to hijack Milos's camera since he never uses it and hope to take some foodie pics this weekend with it.  

OATMEAL - with lots of topping a la Kath

               On top of her whipped banana oats with chia seeds I added TJ's organic peanut butter (the best!) with Ambrosia granola, more banana, and Sarabeth's Blood orange marmalade!  If you haven't tried Sarabeth's jams than you MUST!  They are the best I have EVER had - there is not a lot of added sugar, so the beauty of the fruit shines through!    

Fruit and Goat Cheese Salad - with Zabar's bread!

                   I topped TJ's organic spring mix with the following:
                                                            - grapes
                                                            - sliced TJ's grilled lemon pepper chicken
                                                            - TJ's blueberry goat cheese
                                                            - sliced TJ's roasted beets
                                                            - sliced button mushrooms

                  On the side: A raisin pumpernickel roll from Zabar's (its my goal to try them all!)

Have a good weekend!  I have next week off!  Its mid-winter break!

See ya later!,