Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hey!  Happy Weekend To Everyone!!!

Saturday started nice and early with the exciting addition of my new stainless steel straw that I bought through Tina @ Carrots 'n Cake's Opensky Shop.  There was a flash sale on them so I snagged a deal!  I have been wanting a reusable straw but the glass one my sister owns does not work for me (ie: I broke it), so the stainless steel seemed like a better fit for my occasional clumsiness.  

Breakfast was PB, banana, and chia seeds on a Bagel Thin!!!!  Milos and I buy a double bag of Bagel Thins at Costco and still go through these in like 4 days -- yesterday Milos ate one with breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Hehe!  At least they are only 100 calories!

We had rain and hevy mist on Saturday, but I was still able to RUN THE FARTHEST I HAVE EVER RUN!  3 miles might not seem like a big deal, but for a girl who has never run in her life this was a huge accomplishment :)  Milos pushed me the last half a mile or I probably would have given up!  
To reward myself and my tired feet I bought real running shoes!  I had been running with really awful shoes that hurt my feet, so I went to a running store near my apartment and had my gait analyzed.  Its a really cool thing to do, they tape your feet when you run using a bunch of different shoes and see which works best.  With my luck, I ended up having the worst pronation when I run :(  So I had to pass on these cool flashy running shoes......


And choose between the two highest motion control shoes they sold -- I chose this grey number -- I might not get noticed in them but at least my feet will be happy and injury free :)

Since it was finally cool enough to bake in the apartment, I made a box of No Pudge Raspberry brownies that I had been saving from my trip to Wegman's.  They are deeelicious!!!!! 

I decided to fancy mine up with some whipped cream cheese and raspberry preserves.  But these were not just any preserves, they were NYC's Sarabeth's preserves in Raspberry Key Lime!  It was amazing and gone way to quickly.   

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Allison


  1. Those brownies look awesome!

  2. So proud of you for starting to run! That is awesome!!! You rock!