Saturday, December 11, 2010

Levain Bakery - My Heaven on Earth!

Well, its about time!

I live exactly 10 short blocks from the famous Levain Bakery and I have finally tried the magic that is the chocolate chip walnut cookie.  This is the best cookie I have ever had (sorry Mrs. Fields at South Coast Plaza!) and I hope to make this a weekly, monthly, bi-weekly (that sounds better!) habit!

As soon as you walk in this place - the smell of butter is so prominent you can almost taste it!

It was still warm and cookiedough-ish on the inside and the chips were all melty!  I enjoyed mine with a glass of milk!

The bakery itself is  cozy with just a few seats at the counter - it has a wonderful upper west side neighborhood feel to it.  They sell other baked goods as well - the selection varies each day, so its a surprise every time you come!  They are always baking the cookies fresh and I would love to try the softball sized cookie dough balls I see them put in the ovens!  Next time you are in NYC - make sure to stop by the Levain Bakery!

After Levain some shopping was in order at Bloomingdale's!  In addition to some Christmas sightseeing around this beautiful city!

Love, Allison  

P.S. Here is a breakfast shot from this week - 

Kath's Whipped Banana Oatmeal topped with more sliced banana, a packet of trail mix from Trader Joe's and brown sugar!


  1. That certainly looks like an amazing cookie. I love when they are still chewy and doughy like almost.

  2. I want that!!!!! Next time I'm in NYC I'm making a bee line there! :)