Sunday, December 19, 2010

Clean Fridge Challenge!

Are you seeing things?  Did I really post twice in one day?  I have been really getting into blogging lately and have a lot of new recipes planned for when I get back from Christmas break! Just wanted to leave a few pics of my dinner tonight - the mission this week: don't waste food/money by throwing it out before leaving!  

So... tonight's dinner consisted of 

1) One tomato sliced with Eatwell Heirloom Tomato Salt (from the San Fran Farmer's Market), pepper, and some parmesan cheese

2)  4 egg whites scrambled with some parmesan cheese and ketchup (I have been OBSESSED with ketchup on my eggs lately!)

3)  Sauteed mini bell peppers with wilted spinach - this is my first time trying the mini bell peppers from Trader Joe's and they were delicious and the perfect size!  I had one of each color!

For anyone on the WW PointsPlus Program - this was very low in points - 
1.5 pts for the egg whites
2 pts for the chesse


(dinner was low in PointsPlus today due to my eggnog scone obsession!)

I used cooking spray to cook the eggs/bell peppers - therefore I did not need to add any oil!

I felt so good after this meal - I went to the gym and used the treadmill for the first time since I developed plantar fasciitis.... let's hope the new shoes helped!

Love, Allison 

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  1. This looks fantastic..I can totally see myself eating this for dinner:)) Yummy!