Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging From the Skies! Part 2!

Well....................  this time blogging from the skies is NOT very comfortable!  I saw that an exit row seat was available when I checked in and snatched it!  Unfortunately, this is my seat 

What the heck is in front of me?!?!?  There is hardly room for my legs, the window next to me is so hot I burned myself on it (is it the sun, the engine, a volcano ?), and the guy next to me can't keep his elbows to himself AND is eating a leftover turkey sandwich that smells SOOOOO GOOD!!!!  

Well, now that my complaint about the flight is over -- on to happier stuff!  Like the fact that Sarah and Marko got married last night!  Still doesn't feel real!  But I am sooooo very happy for them and had such a good time getting to know Sarah's family more and seeing Milos's family (including the dog!) in one of my favorite cities - San Francisco!

Seeing each other outside of the restaurant - 

The beautiful table with tons of origami butterflies folded by Sarah's sister Andrea.

The GORGEOUS view!  And the GORGEOUS couple!

The intimate dining area - 

Best wedding food I've ever had - 

Sea Bass with Pesto, Roasted Carrots, and Wilted Spinach!

The first course was a delicious lobster bisque - It was my first time eating lobster and I loved it!

Cake time!

Who's this crazy guy?

The first dance!

Me and Marko - I loved my new dress from Anthro!

The day before and the day of the wedding included some of my favorite things about SF:

- The Ferry Building and yummy food! (finally tries Blue Bottle Coffee - soooooo good!  And finally tried a Frog Hollow Farms pear!)

- Shopping (especially at AE -- American Eagle was MY store for most of my teen years - the first one I went to was in SF after learning that they were the official clothing provider for Dawson's Creek!!!!!)

- Seeing my Sarah (even if it was for only a few hours!)

Back to reality and work on Monday :(  

I had a wonderful 45 hours in San Francisco......

Love, Allison 

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  1. SF the place to many family memories glad you had a good time! Agree bulk head seats are the pits if you are over 5 foot!