Saturday, November 13, 2010

Serbian Saturday

I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!  

My day was filled with good food, good memories, and shopping! 

For breakfast i decided to make Kath's Baked Banana Oatmeal since it takes too long to bake on a busy weekday morning - It was delicious and only 5 points for 1/4 of the recipe!  I had mine plain and the boyfriend drizzled his with maple syrup!  I especially liked the hard brown sugar crust that came from the broiler!  Just don't forget to take yours out or your bananas will look burnt like mine!

The boyfriend and I then went to the largest Serbian Orthodox church outside of Serbia - the structure was gorgeous and dated to 1855 - I LOVE churches and their art/architecture!  They were really nice and let us go inside to light candles even though it was not open!  

After church, we headed down to the only Serbian restaurant in Manhattan, Kafana.  It is on the lower east side and definitely a hidden gem!  I have been craving Serbian food lately and we thought it would be fun to check out!  I was happy to see that many non-Serbians were eating there and enjoying the food!  

The decor was lovely and we both reminisced about our wonderful summer and all the fun we had in Nis (shout out to all my Serbian friends!).  

We both sipped a wonderful wine called Grasevina from Croatia and then split some Gibanica and some Sopska Salata.  Gibanica is delicious - basically feta cheese layered in dough - there are many vairations, but the one at Kafana was soooo tasty - I think due to its "puffiness" as you can see below :)

I ordered the famous Serbian pasulj (beans) which had caramelized onions in them - something I had never seen before (and I have had pasulj MANY times since it is my favorite Serbian dish).  I was happy to see that Kafana put their own spin on classic Serbian dishes :)

The boyfriend ordered MEAT - what else would a Serbian boy order?  It was HUGE and came with fries and cabbage.  I ate the cabbage since I was trying to fill up on zero point veggies  :)

Our wonderful Saturday was topped with some shopping at Macy's - which was all decked out for the holidays!  I didn't buy anything today but I do have my eyes on some boots - I think I am the only New Yorker without any :(

Love, Allison 

P.S. I have something wonderful baking in the oven right now and will blog about it tomorrow :)  

P.P.S.  Thanks for reading :)


  1. My bananas want royalties for the first oatmeal pic! And I think your readers would like to see more vegan fare! muhaha !

  2. I love your blog! I feel like I'm on the adventure with you! Love the pics too! You're making me hungry!!!

  3. What a great way to eat your oatmeal!! Thanks for taking us along to visit the Serbian Church and then the restaurant! Its always so much fun learning about other cultures!!
    Welcome to foodbuzz!

  4. That baked banana oatmeal looks amazing! I had to bookmark that immediately :) Great blog!

  5. Hi Allie!
    I like reading your posts :)
    Love, Em