Friday, November 26, 2010

Blogging From the Skies!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday!  I am currently on a Delta flight to SF to see Marko and Sarah get married!  And I have free wifi!  Yeah!  So here is my Thanksgiving post!  

I had a perfect day with my sister and Scout!

The night before Thanksgiving we went to see the Macy's parade balloons being filled!  Crowded beyond belief but totally worth it!

Isn't Scout adorable?!  She is the ultimate NYC dog and enjoyed the balloons very much!

After previewing the balloons we were up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to watch the parade!  The Spongebob balloon is always my favorite!

New York was beautiful this morning and we walked to Zabar's to get a few last minute touches for our feast!  Since my sister is vegan and it was just me and her this year - we decided to make a vegan Thanksgiving dinner!

Here is out appetizer platter - 

We enjoyed pickles/olives from Zabar's, pickled pumpkin from the Chelsea Market, and Kendall's Lentil-Walnut dip!  Everything was washed down with hard apple cider!

Here was out dinner spread:

- Amazing Raisin Pecan Bread from Zabar's 
- Orange Cranberry Sauce
- Corn and Millet Pudding from Peas and Thank You
- Roasted Cauliflower with Dates and Pine Nuts
- Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Maple Syrup 

Dessert was a raw tart - the crust was date/rosemary and it was filled with vegan cashew cream and figs!  So delicious - but unfortunately no picture :(

Here is a shameless picture of the cranberry sauce in my Le Creuset pot -- I am obsessed with my Le Creuset set!

Last but not least - here are some pictures from Scout's graduation from obedience class!  She is so grown up!  Here is a picture of her 2 months ago - 

And now she is a graduate :)

She really enjoyed her graduation present!

Even though I was far away from most of my family - I had an amazing day with the best sister!  I will always remember this Thanksgiving in New York with Kendall, vegan food, and Scout!

Love, Allison 

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  1. Looks like Scout maybe going for top billing on Thanksgiving!