Saturday, July 16, 2011

My first RACE!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

The last few weeks have been CRAZY!!  I turned 27.....

Happy Birthday to America and Me!

My parents were in a town for a week and then Marko (Milos's bro) was in town for 4 days! It was soooo much fun having them in town!  I ended the amazing past two weeks with my first running race ever!

People who know me, probably never thought I would run a race in my life!  Running never interested me and I pretty much hated it! But, life is all about changing and growing - that what makes living so exciting.  So little by little (inspired by Milos and my fellow healthy living bloggers) I started running!  I still feel like I am going to DIE while I am running, but I feel INCREDIBLE afterward.  
Today I ran the longest I have ever run!  4 MILES!

Here is me pre-race!   I ate the typical "Carrots n Cake" pre-race breakfast of peanut butter toast with banana.  I have experimented with different pre-run foods and I have discovered that my body NEEDS peanut butter!  Which is convenient since I am pretty much obsessed with it!  

Here I am waiting at the very back of the race!  I was in the SLOWEST corral, but thats OK - because I rocked the race anyway!

Yes I am a nerd and stick out like a sore thumb!
I FINISHED !!!  WITHOUT WALKING!  I know 4 miles is not a big deal to most runners but I this was a BIG DEAL for me!  Plus the hills in Central Park are KILLER.  The love of my life was at the finish line with both of his arms up in victory for me and made me almost start to cry!  It was wonderful!


I finished officially in 44:20 !!  And you get FREE FOOD when you finish!  That was enough to make me sign up for another race!! Haha!  But I gave my food to the nice homeless man who lives near our apartment - he needs it more than me.  

Have a great weekend!  Mine is already off to a wonderful start!

Love, Allison


  1. I started running too, about 4 weeks ago! And, I was the same way as you-hated it and was never interested in it, but now I'm addicted.

  2. I answered your comment on my blog but then realized you might not have known about it, so here's a copied/pasted version :) :

    It definitely is nice! Since I have more time these days until school starts again, I'm venturing back out into the blog world. I started around this time last summer, and it sort of died during the school year. After I found yours a few weeks ago though, I've also become intrigued by all the "healthy living bloggers" you follow. I remember hearing or reading a while back about people who blog primarily about that topic and it's become a bit of a "sensation," for lack of a better term? I'm curious...what do you know about it? I LOVE food (as does Mat), so I'm particularly intrigued. :)


  4. YUM! I made this last night and it's fantastic! I used both Sweet potatoes and white potatoes because I didn't have enough sweet, and it worked out great. Thank you!
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