Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trips to the Cape


Well, I guess my weekend of fun has caught up with me since I am SICK!  :(  But, going to Cape Cod and Boston was totally worth it!  My boyfriend and I rented a car and visited:


Here are some of the highlights (including food, of course).....

Yale - where I had coffee with Rory Gilmore at Blue State Coffee

Frank Pepe's Pizza in New Haven, CT -- famous pizza that reminded us of the Da Michele pizza in Naples

 We got there when it opened at 11:30 am, and by the time we left at 12:00 the line was out the door for a table in freezing weather!

Next, we headed to Providence, RI and stopped for dessert at the cutest sweets shop named Pastiche. They had a cozy fire place inside and we had a hard time only ordered two desserts: a cannoli and a slice of lemon mousse cake.  

We checked into the charming Liberty Hill Inn on Cape Cod, MA in the late afternoon - I could LIVE in this place.  

While it was still light we checked out a cute boardwalk  - I pretended I was Joey, and was waiting for Pacey to pick me up for our date.... 
 There he is!

That night I had my first bowl of New England Clam Chowder in New England!  I slept like a baby in the inn's wonderful beds and awoke to snow on the beach!  A first for me!

As we tried to cram every last dollar out of our rental car we went up to Boston for the afternoon... we did some sightseeing (mostly from the car), visited both Sweet locations for cupcakes (I can't beleive I just admitted to that :) , and pretended we went to Harvard :)  it was lovely!

Sweet's cupcakes beat Sprinkles hands down!   Frosting SHOT!

"Studied" at Crema Cafe in Cambridge, MA.  Had the most amazing Red Crema Latte - vanilla rooibos tea, milk, honey, and cinnamon!

That is the river in Boston -- FROZEN

P.S. While daydreaming I went to Harvard, I slipped on BAD ice on the sidewalk and my feet went completely out from under me -- I landed flat on my back as Harvard students tried to get around me...... haha

Love, Allison

P.S. Can you tell I watched the WB throughout high school :)


  1. I was such a Gilmore Girls fan (and I guess in someways still am)....

    Your New England adventures look like a blast -- if a bit cold, but I guess that should be expected there!

  2. Yay for Beantown and Cape Cod! Glad you had such a fun trip - seeing your pics definitely makes me miss Boston (but not the cold). I LOVE Sweet, too! :)

  3. What a great weekend mini break! Looks like you had a lot of good eats! I still can't wrap my brain around snow at the beach!