Sunday, October 6, 2013

Crema Cafe and the Red Nectar

I absolutely adore Crema Cafe in Cambridge, MA.  I found the coffee shop while on vacation in Boston a few years ago.  I have since been back 3 times- I wished I lived closer because I would definitely make it a daily occurrence! It is the quintessential college coffee shop with great decor, plenty of tables to sit and study at, friendly servers, and a great menu.  Their coffee and tea drinks are phenomenal and they also have an extensive food menu with unique items catering to all diets, including vegan.
   While I am a die hard coffee drinker, my two favorite drinks on the menu are made with rooibos tea. If you want a hot drink - go with the Red Crema Latte which is made with rooibos tea, milk, honey, and cinnamon.

Here I am with my Red Crema Latte pretending I go to Harvard :)

If you are in the mood for something cold -  I would recommend the Red  Nectar, which is, a crisp combination of  rooibos tea and white cranberry juice!

Here is my empty glass of Red Nectar and a shot of the cafe! A perfect place to re-read the Bridget Jones series whole waiting for book 3!

I loved the Red Nectar so much - I recreated it at home, since you know- Boston is just a tad too far away :)

Crema's Red Nectar Iced Tea

Makes 4-6 large iced teas

8 rooibos tea bags ( I used Numi brand)
Boiling water
White cranberry juice ( white grape was yummy too!)

1) Open 8 tea bags and place in a large glass measuring cup

2. Boil 4 cups of water and pour over tea bags.

3.  Let steep for 6 minutes.  

4.  Remove tea bags and chill in the refrigerator until cold.

5.  Fill a large glass with ice cubes and then fill half the glass with the iced tea and half the glass with cold white cranberry juice.  Enjoy!

Next I'll have to try to make the Rooibos latte!



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